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When a man has flaky, dry male organ skin, his manhood does not have the visual and sensual appeal that makes a partner feel at ease. These tips can help with this situation.
If you’re concerned about serious male organ odor, consider possible environmental factors that could be contributing to the stench. Many male organ odor culprits are identifiable, so your solution may be a change or two away. Read on for the most common perpetrators.
An itching member may not be an emergency, but it can feel like one when the urge to scratch is overwhelming. To eliminate this problem, it’s helpful to identify the source. Here are some of the common reasons for the
The key to a healthy member is paying attention to the skin. Here are seven tips for improving male organ skin health.
Getting the “tingles” is usually a good thing. However, when a man feels the shock of lightning in his male organ, it’s mostly just painful and a cause for anxiety. Let’s learn about what causes damaged nerves in the male organ and how to treat and prevent them.
Male organ smell varies from man to man; however, if member odor is foul, it’s a good indicator something is going on.
Just like any organ or appendage, a male organ can have problems from time to time. Here are a few of the most common male organ problems and how to fix them.
As men age, the member begins to become less sensitive to touch and stimulation as it does throughout the rest of the body. Unfortunately, many men may experience loss of male organ sensitivity earlier in life, as well. Some of the reasons this occurs are discussed here, as well as real solutions.
Bumps on the male organ can sometimes mean a partner transmitted infection, but the good news is that they are usually something more benign. Here are 5 different reasons that bumps and spots can appear on the junk, as well as what to do about them.
When men experience pain during urination it can be a pretty scary thing. However, there are several reasons a man may have pain during urination, here’s a short of causes and how to cope with painful urination.

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