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Regular self-pleasuring is a pleasure for many men and an excellent way to learn how one’s body functions. Sometimes, however, self-pleasuring may become compulsive – and a tablet called pramipexole could be one reason why.

Male organ pain is usually high on the list of experiences to be avoided. Surprisingly, some men find that drinking wine may result in a degree of male organ pain.

The Christmas season is a time when loved ones give each other special gifts. These sensual tips can help a couple give each other holiday-themed sensual ideas.

Oh, the curse of an itchy male organ! Men want to be spared the embarrassment of scratching in public. Adding probiotics to their diet may be one way to help rein in this problem.

When a man has flaky, dry male organ skin, his manhood does not have the visual and sensual appeal that makes a partner feel at ease. These tips can help with this situation.

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