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This legal document was written many years ago. president lincoln issued this in the 1860s. Many historians pointed out many reasons why it was needed to be written. Animation makes lessons dynamic. Related to the first function above, animation can also transform a static text lesson into a lively and dynamic learning experience. Animation can [...]

However giving up on your life’s purpose and not pushing yourself to be better just to earn a paycheck is slavery at its best. So yes in a technical sense the Lincoln movie shows that slavery was abolished for black people by the 13th Amendment. Thinking of the traditional American Thanksgiving, people have in mind [...]

Lincoln first learns vampires are real when he is a young child and discovers that vampires killed his mother. He trains as a vampire hunter, vowing to kill as many vampires as he can. The danger grows when he learns vampires in the South threatened to conquer the North, during one of the darkest periods [...]

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