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Terminate Your Regrettable Pregnancy Through MTP Kit

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Women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy must not regret their pregnancy and also one must not keep it even if not prepared for it. There are so many ways through which a person can actually terminate their pregnancy without the fear of infertility in the near future. There are certain pros and cons of an abortion which can be easily neglected as the side effects are lesser and the benefits are greater. Women before opting for an abortion must first know the duration of their pregnancy that helps in deciding the method of abortion. The gestation of pregnancy must be 10 weeks or lesser if someone is looking for a medical abortion. If your duration exceeds more than 70 days you will have to terminate your pregnancy through a surgical abortion.

When you buy Abortion Pill online and opt for a medical abortion, it becomes quite easier and simple. It is a cheaper and affordable option for the ones who do not want to opt for a surgical abortion. Also, many of the females do not wish to opt for an invasive method which includes the use of tools and equipment, hence end up looking for the best abortion pill over the web. You can find a number of abortion pills online, but make sure you consult the doctor and take the best possible tablet for your pregnancy which is approved by FDA. To know more about the abortion pill to keep reading-

MTP Kit Description

It is advisable to buy a complete MTP Kit, which includes both the necessary tablets that help in easy pregnancy termination. MTP Kit comprises of both the tablets that hold the different mechanism but they work to achieve a single target of abortion. The Mifepristone abortion pill is available in a dose of 200mg single tablet and Misoprostol is available in a dose of 200mcg each in 4 tablets. Below given is the complete description of both the abortion pills.


This is known as an anti-progesterone tablet and initial mandatory Abortion Pill that helps in restricting the progesterone hormone from working. Progesterone basically functions to provide oxygen and nutrients, ahead of the fetus for growth. Once the progesterone stops supplying the needful the fetus eventually starts losing a life. Because the sections should be expelled successfully, the cervix is also widened by the tablet. When you buy MTP Kit online you also get another important tablet of Misoprostol.


Misoprostol functions to bring the sections out in the form of vaginal bleeding. It actually causes severe contractions in the womb, which does get the fetus and pregnancy sections out in the form of bleeding and heavy blood clots.

Dosage Pattern of MTP Kit

MTP Kit holds a different dosage pattern and consumption has to be proper in order to avoid any ill-effects. Initially, you need to ingest 1 pill of Mifepristone orally with water over an empty or a light meal. Latest post 24 to 48 hours you need to bucally ingest the 4 tablets of Misoprostol. Here, you need to place the two tablets on both the sides and let it dissolve for 30 minutes until dissolved completely. Once the tablets are dissolved you must consume water and take in the leftovers.

Women experience vaginal bleeding post 2 hours of consumption of MTP Kit. The bleeding is usually more than that of a usual menstruation cycle, hence ensure that you have sufficient sanitary and you must be prepared for it.

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